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Sac River Jim

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braved the wind but was no way i was gonna fight with the boat today. three of us had 30 plus crappie in about 3 hours fishing weighted bobbers and a grub 18'' to 24'' under it. throwed it as far as we could into the wind then brought it back at a slow steady retrieve. color didnt matter a whole lot as long as it was a good murky water color. go in the creek arms find the spawning pockets that the wind is blowing in to and fish the back of them. my phone service sux tonight and been trying to post pics since early evening. i'll try to post again tomorrow when i go to town and have better service. got a couple three biguns to show off!!!!

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SRJ, what depth did you find the most success? Headed up tonight for night fishing and might target the coves like you suggest while waiting for dark. Thanks.[/quote

7' max

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