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Interesting list top 10 endangered rivers

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I thought it was interesting too, but I think there's an explanation.

Reading through that list, it seems like a list of rivers that are most in danger among those that are currently either pretty pristine, or are not an impossible distance away from being so. That's an important distinction, because at this point there is quite a bit more value preserving something that's still in decent shape vs. trying to bring, say, Hinkson Creek back from the dead. Both are worthwhile, but the former is a lot more cost effective and palatable than the latter.

People not understanding this is how everyone got up in arms when the Current/Jacks Fork was considered "endangered." Sure, it's in pretty good shape compared to some of our less protected river systems, but it still was/is being treated in a way that isn't remotely commensurate to its incredible value. Just because a river isn't a disgusting, sewage polluted, fishless mess doesn't mean we're doing enough. Our standards have to be higher than that, especially where we still have the chance to maintain relatively pristine conditions.

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