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Weekend trip


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I went down to Montauk my first time this last weekend. I got there Saturday afternoon and stayed through most of sunday, but missed fishing in the morning on Sunday. Anyways, Saturday I spent my time in the c&r section. First I tried one of the little streams but I'm having a real tough time catching fish out of those small stream type spots. I got 1 bite on a roostertail and nothing more. Then I went to the lake, and actually started getting into them some. Caught 5 of them out of the c&r lake in the couple hours up until the horn sounded off on the roostertails with the bigger ones around 13". Anyways, the next day I started out shortly prior to noon on the bait and artificial section near the lodge. Caught 1 on a roostertail after a while, lost another after a brief fight following a bite of a marabou jig drifted under a float, and got one or two more light bites that didn't amount to a hookup. I decided to try a different stretch, so I ended up in the artifical and bait section near where one of the c&r streams ends (where there's a series of walkway bridges over the stream). Turned out to be a bad move. I barely got 1 more bite but no solid hookup again. Eventually I gave up there, and went to the c&r stream again, only to not catch a thing there again. Finally I tried the c&r lake once more, and hooked into a good one. Drag got some exercise, it jumped a few times, and then on the last jump got off. I was pretty frustrated to not have got to even see just how big it truly was, but what can you do.

This leads me to a question though. In other people's experience, have the trout in the c&r lake just been easier to fool than in the rest of the park?

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Haris122- don't know that they are any easier and I have fished the park for a lot of years.Used to be some big browns and carp in the lake but they were harder to catch than the regular fish. The C&R stream didn't have as many fish in it as it usually does for some reason.We fished it Friday and caught enough to make it interesting.normally more fish in the fly section -as it is in most of the parks that have designated zones. I seem to catch more fish in the campground area than I do in the fly water too! Don't know if the bait fishermen keep the fish feeding more or that it has better sight fishing water compared to some of the fly water. Started fishing Montauk in 1969 with a couple buddies.

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If they're not any easier, maybe the type of fishing I'm better is a lot more doable in the lake rather than the stream areas. Especially the real narrow shallow streams. I got to go there or Meramec Springs sometime soon, real early on, and just fish it all day. I want to accomplish catching to what would amount to be a decent limit of trout for once. Four good trout shouldn't be that hard to accomplish catching in a trout park while spending most of the day but so far it has always eluded me. Hell, so far even a limit of 4 trout of any kind, much less bigger ones, has eluded me.

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