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April 11-12


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This weekend was the first time I have brought my boat to Taneycomo and also my first time staying at Taneycomo. Myself and 3 others stayed at a cabin at Lilleys landing. The cabin was nice, clean and met all my expectations.

We headed out onto the water early Saturday morning and fished the area from Cooper Creek to the Branson Landing By bass pro. We caught about 20 total rainbows before 11am on 1/16oz maribou jigs. We started out everyone using different colors (white, ginger, olive, sculpin, orange) and within the first hour or so everyone had switched to white and was having great luck pulling them from down deep. Went in for lunch and filleted a few trout for dinner later. We hit the water again around 2pm. Fishing started a little slower this time but picked up a little later on. Caught about 10 more trout between 4 people. Caught a couple on a gold kastmaster, a couple on chartreuse maribou, but most were caught on white maribou again in the same area as before.

On Sunday we only fished untill 11am before heading back home. Sunday it seemed like we just couldn't get in a good rythm. We tried maribou jigs, kastmasters, multiple spinners, multiple spoons, some crankbaits, and pretty much threw the whole tackle box at em. We caught a couple here and there on various lures. We had the most success with a rainbow trout colored spoon.

Overall it was a great stay at Lilleys and a great fishing trip. Hopefully we get to make a few more trips down soon.

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