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Kimberling 4/13


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First...a big thanks is due to the folks at Kimberling City Tire. Took my trailer tire with its hitchhiker up there at about 8:10am and was out with a repaired tire about 25 minutes later, for about $20. I thought it was great, but they actually apologized for it being slow. Definitely better than worrying about a tire all day.

Got on the water about 930. Fishing for me was weird. Fish were hardest for me during the little rain squalls, especially the ones with more wind. Not so much a Ned related issue, same was true with other baits. Fish, birds, bait, everything just seemed put off by the weather. Missed a bunch early, usually very slow to drop the little bait.

Water was 59-60 virtually everywhere I went. Little green color in the coves, and snot starting up. Caught all my fish from the bank out to about 15', mostly mixed rock, but also some gravel.

Ended with 7 keepers, missed the full slam by a meanie. 4 on the little guy, 2 on a swing head (that bait I told you about Jim), 1 nice K on a big shakey head. That spot was the deepest fish I caught. Not a ton of shorts, maybe 20 or so, all of those on the little rig. Kind of slow by finesse standards. Decent first day though.

Some pics...




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There's an awful lot of background in those pics Dave. Kind of a rookie mistake. After another 15-20 years of coming down here, I'll know where you were fishing.

Glad you were able to get the tire fixed and get out there after 'em.

"There was a time that I didn't fish, but I cannot remember it."

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That's a funny looking spot. Mom or Dad was a meanie that bred back maybe? He doesn't look 100% spotted bass to me.

Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On Instagram @hamneedstofish

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Shouldn't be. Fished the mill creek area Tuesday and Sunday and there wasn't anything

Thank you!!

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