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WTT wake minnow


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I've had all kinds of trouble trying to modify a Bomber Long A or Redfin to wake just right.

Would anybody like to trade a good wake minnow for custom painted lures?

I can paint pretty much anything & many of the members here can vouch for my work.

I also have a few brand new Duo Realis Spy Baits that can be traded.


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Mark up at sportsman factory outlet in springfield knows a guy that will tune a redfin for 10 bucks the guy wont reveal how he tweeks them but Mark says they work excellent after he's done with them.

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The Brian's Bee's "Superman" came in the mail today.

It's a large piece of balsa wood. Appears way over 1/2oz to me.

If it wakes & catches kicker bass, I will be super happy.


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The new Rapala BX Wake is great out of the box

Maybe I got a bad one. I thought mine sucked. It took way too much effort and way too slow a speed to keep it on the surface and throwing a Vee. I'll give it another try.

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Too slow? Are you burnin the Redfin? At that point you might as well get a sebile or a wake crank.

I slow roll mine with a few pops of the rod tip occasionally, it looks like a struggling baitfish scattering on the surface when i do that, and can usually produce a strike from a follower.

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