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That Winkiedoodles guy and That Ned Rig Guy 4/14 Kim City


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Had the great pleasure of sharing breakfast with magicwormman this morning. Thanks again Spoony.

Then was able to share a boat once again with Don Baldridge. He even put up with me being late getting back from Ma's.

Started tough. All my old home places were covered up with wind blowing down the banks, not on them. Have never found that to be the best set up. Got tired of it and did a little roaming.

We found them on the inside of a swing point close to the main channel. Even some beds way in the back of it. Fish were mostly on big flat rocks (think senkos banks) or on a ledge just out from them. Everywhere from the bank out to 25'.

It was just silly. Don brought a clicker, sort of as a joke, but we were close enough to 50 that we fished until we hit the half century mark. About 18-20 of those were keepers, with some nice blacks, and a bunch of solid 16-17" fish. Had an 18" black, and one 19". Still missing the meanmouth train.

A few were on the new slim swimz, one on a shakey head, one on a swing head. Rest were on the little guy, mostly 1/8oz and mostly PBJ. We were able to get back on some regular places around 4pm, and caught about 14 to hit the 50.

After coming off, I ran into a nice young gentleman staying here who is working in Lampe on the water tower. Gave him a few heads and talked fishing. After dinner he knocked on the door with an 18" brownie (released, he is a stream guy) and had caught a couple of other keepers right at dark on it. Said it was his PB smallie.





Just one other note...I know several folks have emailed or sent PM's. If I have not replied, please don't take it the wrong way. Was up at 430 today, back on the trailer at about 630pm. Closing in on whipped. Will try to take some time tomorrow night and catch up on things.

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Awesome report as always Dave. Great pix too!:-)


Stinks that scheduling issues thru a wrench in me coming down this weekend.:-(


Keep posting the awesome pix and reports.........after you catch some Zzzz's of course.

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I still say anybody that uses Winkiedoodles in a sentence, much less as a handle is a heck of a man.

That's what I said!

Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On Instagram @hamneedstofish

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Good report and pictures! Glad you had a great day. When you get time, you can come up on the James and show me how to get-er-done. Mona and I got out for a couple of hours from 5-7 P.M. Caught 10 on the little rig. We caught mostly males with only had 1 legal. It was fun to finally see some action again. At one point I had 5 bass in 7 casts. Now you just need to teach me how to do that with the big girls. Thanks again for the heads. It was my pleasure enjoying breakfast with such a great young man. Your passion for life and our great sport of bass fishing is remarkable.

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