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Double Trouble-


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Had a good day. Whites are running hard core above Taylor Bridge, Saw a lot of females with males following heading up. Caught my limit in about 2 hours. Then dropped the boat in at high point this afternoon. Had 15 nice crappie in about a hour. They were suspended in about 10 ft of water. Staging to head to the bank. Every fish was a male. Should be good for another week at least.



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I must have been in the wrong place tonight. I had the kids so I didn't spend a lot of time "looking around". I put in at cc, and went north to the first big cove. There are 2 trees/large branches in the middle of the cove, and that's where I picked them up. Didn't catch very many (7) but the smallest one was 11in, they were all females, and the largest was 14inches. 6 fow and 18in deep

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the best pics i ve seen on here has always been of a kid holding a fish with a great big smile on his face. great job getting your kids on the water :)

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