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4-17-15 report


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I had the chance to get on the water again yesterday. Fished from 9am until the lightning got a little close for my tastes. Same deal as the day before, fish were holding along the high banks and in the runs. My tactic of choice is a broadside swing off a 5 wt. switch rod. My numbers, although not fantastic, were better than the day prior. Several smallmouth, a largemouth, and a pair of whites to the hand. Everyone I visited with claims the bite has been slow. One guy i spoke with said he managed a pair of walleye and a pair of whites at the bridge in the morning. Another flyfisherman claimed a smallmouth, a largemouth, a gar, and a rainbow.

Any way, the fly selection is kinda all over the place. The variety of Clouser patterns seems to be producing for me. I took fish yesterday on a purple and pink clouser minnow, a foxee red minnow, chartreuse and white clouser tube, clouser hellgramite, yellow and chartreuse half and half, and a perch colored clouser minnow.

Most of the hits are not aggressive hits. They seem to be coming either a few feet into the swing, or at the very end. I did forget to take the water temperature while there.

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