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Lead Hill 4/18


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Put in at the Lead Hill ramp if you call it that. High water has the ramp hidden, just backed in till the boat floated. The mayor of Diamond City and I helped each other with the trucks so we didn't have to wade in to get in our boats.Headed down lake and started hitting creek arms. Started with topwater had one bust up on it but switched to a fluke to avoid all the weeds. Had troubles early on. Saw fish on beds back in the grass but by the time I would see them because of bad light they seemed to do the same. Caught two on a jig both solid keepers. Mid morning went back to the fluke getting behind the bush but out of the grass. Started to get some consistent action for about 3 hours. Boated 12 fish all keepers but one. one nice 16" smallmouth. About 1:00 it seemed to end. Spent about an hour in one creek arm. Came in and heard a gobbler on the hillside. He gobbled at least 5 times a minute for the next 30 minutes,weather front had something to do with it but he was on fire. Havenn't fish Bull Shoals for a long time but was nice the be away from the crowds and I came out with probably one of beat one day efforts . Nothing huge but all solid fish.post-12104-0-85001800-1429473151.jpg

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