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April 19th Fishing Report - Hickory Creek


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This is my first report. I fished two coves right off the main lake targeting bass. I fished from 2 ish pm until about 5 pm and I have never had so much fun. I only wish one of my sons would have been with me. I caught one small Kentucky on the Ned rig and then I kept seeing lots of shad getting chased by something. I tried a spinner with no luck and then thought why not try too water (it was cloudy most of the time). Man was I glad I did. I had to try three different ones to make my first hook up but after that it was game on. I caught maybe two or three barely keepers and tons of smaller ones. I quit counting at 10. I also caught 5 white bass. They both would blow up on it. I missed more than I caught probably. It was almost every cast. At one point I videoed it just so I could show my sons. Like I said I have never had this much fun before. I hope that happens again soon. Thankful!

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