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4/20/15 Fishing Report


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Location: Mid Lake

Air Temp: 62

Wind: NW 20+

Water Temp: 59-60

Visibility: 7-8 FOW

Depth: 2-24 FOW

Lures: Crankbait, Swimbait, and Minnows

39 Total Fish: 16 LM and Spots (up to 22"), 1 SM (16"), 14 Stripers (18 to 20"), 8 Walleye (1 legal at 19")

Fished mid-lake post-frontal conditions Monday afternoon with F&F. The day started off slow as we looked for crappie in the back of a creek. We found dozens of beds that were mostly empty with a few unwilling participants with lockjaw. By noon we moved to a wind blown point and marked numerous 30 lb class stripers (and dozens of schoolies) in 20-24 FOW. Almost immediately we started hooking up and had multipe doubles. Most of the active stripers were schoolies, but Fins did manage to hook and break off a 30lb plus striper on a brushpile during the chaos of a double hookup. The 5 lb plus bass in the photo came from 16 FOW near brush. The stripers, walleye, and bass were all schooled together and were feeding on several large shad balls. We caught 7 short walleye in 2 to 16 FOW from 16 to 17.5". Overall great day on the water.


post-17210-0-64564000-1429619465.jpg post-17210-0-06113100-1429619739.jpg

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