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4/21/15 Morel Time

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Hit them good today after turkey hunting. Found them on an Ash flat on south facing ridge. Did find a few stragglers on Black Oaks half way up the ridge. They had been up a while. Glad we got them before they too dry. Gave 35 to land owner and theres 97 in pic. Found some real giants. Location The woods Dade county. Good luck there up and have been for a while. Go get em boys!




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Thanks guys. Was worried till that trip. Have been finding 8-15 every trip but usually i get mega hauls outta those private land spots. You would be surprised how many lqnd owners will let you shroom hunt and sharing the haul just seals the deal for years to come. One man i hunt on is elderly and can't roam the woods anymore he calls me now wanting me to hunt his property so he can get a mess 2. Haha. It takes alot to ask at first but wont ever know till ya ask. Good luck guys... go get em.

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