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Butt kickn 4/22


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Put in at Cow Creek about 9:30. Ran down to Coombs Ferry area and caught 16in SM on first cast. Few casts later I was scrambling to get my rain gear on then the lightning had me hauling to Indian PT marina. Got pounded by pea size hail on the way. After waiting out the storm for about 45 min...headed back out and sleighed them. Caught 35 with 14 keepers. Best 5 were 13lbs. For awhile it seemed like I was getting bit every cast. I left them biting which is sooooo hard to do....kept saying.."ok...I'll leave after the next one." Best day on Ned so far.







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Great report! Man I wish I could be down there right now. Have to wait until next weekend. Did you throw the Ned rig the whole time? How deep were they?

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Those are some great looking brown fish. And those TR spots sure do get round and fat.

-- Jim

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