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4-24-2015 report

Feathers and Fins

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I read this on the net today before we went down there. Guess i shoulda searched out these areas and lure choice beforehand.

TinBoats BassClub.  An aluminum only bass club. If interested in info send me a PM. 

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Beaver is "KISS" lake. Keep It Simple Stupid,

The always have baits are IMO


Hair or feather jigs ( plain or tipped with keitechs )

Rapala sr5 to sr 9

Flicker Shad 5,6,7s

Wiggle Wart ( or your favorite clone of them )

Spinner Bait ( Mouse, White or Chartreuse and white ) for night ( Black or Purple and Black )

Pencil poppers, Pop-rs and Zara spooks / puppys

Jigging spoon 1/2oz to 1oz

Bobby Garland Crappie Jigs

Those are the best producers and most consistent for me for multi-species. The first two on the list are ALWAYS near at hand as is a spoon.

Specialized stuff like bottom bouncers for walleye or live bait to me is more specialized for presentation than the bait itself.

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