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Indian Point 4-24

big c

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Only got out for three hours this afternoon. I got a royal but whipping by little c. My son caught ten. Keeper large, three keeper spots, one keeper smallie (beautiful color), not that they all arent. I caught one spot, one smallie (about six inches) and one smallie just short. He changed up the ned with a presentation that was similar to a shakey head retrieve. We fished the area around rock lane marina. Didn't burn a gallon of gas. Just put the trolling motor down and fished. He tried his best to attach some pictures to this but we couldn't, sorry. Thanks to all and go8d fishin!!

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I'll let him know, thanks Quillback. Hopefully today he doesn't yell "get the net Ralph" to me all day. We laughed all afternoon yesterday about it though. I love how this place humbles a guy! Take care-Chris.

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Chanp, you are correct! I think we found one with a slip, The village on Indian Point. I will know for sure in the next couple of days. We also found one a member of this sight has Also on indann point. He was kind enough to let us stay for a few days.

The village has the slip and water view...I'll let ya know.

Thanks again for your advice and post's. All the best info here and can't wait to get down again soon! Got home yesterday afternoon...pager went off last night for a stand off, (gave up before we got there) and a shooting after a rap concert big crowd.

I miss the lake already!!!!!! Take care

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