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WOW,and not a good WOW!


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Don't know about anyone else, but 2015 hasn't been good at all on the Big Niangua. Probably the best week for me has been weekend of Mar 14th. But still wasn't as good as years past. Normally the big ens are hangin around for easy pickins, but, while that weekend was good, it was still sub par.

I've lived hear for the past couple years, but been coming down a couple times each spring for the last 30 years and this year, by far, was the worst I've ever witnessed.

This past week, I never cleaned a limit. Last Sunday, I cleaned 9 fish total. From Monday thru Friday, I boated 5 fish. I fished from our place up to about the 5mm of the BN.

I did go out one day with bottom bouncers and minnows, caught one short walleye and about a half dozen drum.

The highlight was a 17" spotted bass I caught with my bare hands. Actually it was brought up on my lift when I brought up my boat

Today, looked like it was changing for the good. Had to leave for Columbia at 8 this morning, so I walked around our place and in a half hour I caught seven 10-11" males and one 12" female. Males were pretty dark. Oh well, that's the way it goes.





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I have found things to be tough as well. I have caught all my big crappie on a jerk bait while fishing for bass and have only scraped out limits the last our or two before dark-two fish here, three fish there, etc.

On the flip side, I fished a bass derby today(1 four pounder is all) and finally started seeing suspended crappie and shad in the coves; that should spell better fishing.


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Dogwoods are in full bloom and the bass and crappie are on fire !

Not sure what y'alls problem is. :)

Just kidding, I have been too dang busy to get out.....But a bunch of guys I've talked to are doing pretty darn good from the Gravois up to L4S, and from Purvis up to Mallard bay.

I really need to get my butt out there.

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I do not fish crappie out in the lake as much as from a few selected docks. My neighbor and I have this one that over the period of 15 years has provided more than enough crappie fishing. This year has been the worst of all.

I have barely been out bass fishing. Mostly because of trips to Herman and St Charles doing stuff for my family. I got home yesterday and took a short hop out to see what is what and was a bit amazed that the water temperature was still between 55-58 in my area. I tend to think that does bot match up right with the length of the days we are having. I feel that might have something to do with it. Also the timing of this. second draw down on has hurt some things I am sure. We need to all get together and onfront the MDC and ARMENS aboit the situations they are creating. I still feel if they must do this the. there should be some sort of restoration done at the end of the Gravois Arm so that white bass and wlleye can spawn. The white bass picture on this arm has veen in steady decline for some time partly because of some of these policies.

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I agree old plug about confronting amren and mdc, there has to be a different way that they can manage the water level

than ruining the spawn every year. with the thousands of fisherman/women on this lake you would think that we could get

somebody's ear from ameren, but just like the shoreline bs, they run the show

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