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Kimberling area report


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Thought I should throw up a report. We are half way through our trip and fishing has been good. Not as good as dtrs5kprs has been doing but for us it has been good. Been catching between 20-30 a day with fishing around 6 hours each day.

We have found our fish mostly in 10-20 fow on main lake gravel points and some inside of bluff ends in the same water depth. Most fish have been on the Ned with a very few on stick baits on windy points.

No pics for now as we have no way to download them here from the wife's camera.

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I suspect he may be mathematically challenged, QB. Clear as Table Rock is, there's no way that 30 fish a day are gonna swim within casting distance of a boat with those electric blue Talons (power poles). :XD:


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Those darn talons are pretty much useless down here so they have not been in the water to scare the fish away. LOL

Make a nice anchor with about 150' of good rope.

I would have tossed out a drift sock, bed sheet, or would have even dragged my buddy John on Saturday if it would have helped. We popped smoke at 130 or so. Just wasnt fun. Today was a good day though. Good company, decent weather, and plenty of fish willing to play the game.

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