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Turkeys or Bass?

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 Went turkey hunting for the first time in the beautiful Ozarks of southwest Missouri with my friend Max!  Hunted a couple mornings  with only hearing a few gobbling yesterday morning, the locals said the early spring had them doing their thing too early. Anyhow while I was there at his cabin Took advantage of having Bryant Creek in the area! Only caught a few as the water was up from the rains but caught this nice one off the bank, and what I believe is called an Ozark bass?   I'm sure somebody can chime in on that looks like a goggle Eye, but never seen one like this in the current or 11 point?  Such a beautiful part of the state I really enjoyed it especially finally getting away from the farm I haven't fished a river since the beginning of March.  Maybe the turkeys will cooperate for me next year but in the meantime I was still happy getting to fish a beautiful Ozark creek. 



There's no such thing, as a bad day fishing!

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I saw the photos while I was on the water. Glare made it pretty difficult for me to see, but it looked like an Ozark Bass to me, but I couldn't figure out how Bret would have caught one of those in his usual haunts. Later, I get the rest of the story. 

Good for you man. I'm glad you got a break from the long days of farming.

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