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1 hour ago, BilletHead said:

                 100 more likes and bonus 100 for the Bourbon Barrell quad!

I need to go get some to recover from the conference call I just endured. 


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Not drinking this today, but will in a few weeks. Did a session with a few friends at Brew Lab in downtown OP last night. You go in, select the beer you'd like to make and they step you through the pr

Nobody touches that deck.  It's an icon in foody world.

Went right over my head.  I just assumed you thought my slingers would pair well with a rye on rye and rightly so. Slingers are a St. Louis late night diner staple. Usually consist of hash browns

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Found another new, to me anyway, that I Really like. Coop DNR. A Belgian style ale by Coop Ale Works in Oklahoma City. And yes that is a picture of a toe tag on the can. Comes in a 4 pack, IBU 30, ALC 10.0 % and SRM 22. I like Belgian Ale and really like this one.


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