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Ned Rig Setup Questions

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I throw it on a 6'9" Kistler Magnesium TS ML, a Daiwa Ballistic 3000, and usually just 6lb Trilene XL. 

Would agree M is too heavy, I don't use braid because I hate the wind knots and apparently I'm too stupid to avoid them. 

Have tried a Fenwick HMG light action i think in either 6' or 6'6" but that one feels to short for my liking. 

Also have used a 6'11" Daiwa Tatula Spinning, ML, really liked that rod, but the tip is very very thin and I broke it off rather easily. Really liked the rod but didn't get another because I was afraid I would break it again. 

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I don't ned fish often but i do have a set up for it. The rod i use is an ALX IKOS shake 7 medllt. Always keep in mind that there is no real industry standard for rod power or tapper. As for line i find i use Yozuri Hybrid for just about everything jig and worm related. Yozuri #6 is what i have spooled for this set up on a Diawa Procyon 2500.

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17 minutes ago, mixermarkb said:

Hey Dave, what was the cheaper lews rod that you liked? 

Laser SG. Old IM6 graphite. I have the 7' UL's. Fun sticks, not something I would necessarily want as my only Ned rod. The new Mach series has a couple of ML and a M that would work. Similar IM6.

No8 Hellbent is another one worth a look. Usually under $60 and nicely finished. 

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11 hours ago, mixermarkb said:

Yeah, I could see a No8 working well. I bought one last year, can't remember if it was a M or a MH, for the wife/kiddo to drag tubes and centipedes with. It's a nice rod for the $$. 

Just bought one of the 7' MH as a workaround for the shoulder. Not quite as much pop as I'd like, but it should handle a finesse jig or bigger shakey head.

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