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 you can either come up with an elaborate ritual to change your mental out look , such as changing the order you dress in , short of wearing your skivvies outside your pants .


 Or you can get back to basics , hit small water be it a pond or creek . start with live bait, move to lures tipped with live bait and finally just lures as your confidence grows . ease your way into bigger waters and more techniques, letting your confidence grow at each stage .


 see a shrink but that costs money and fishing time . 


 sit down and analyze what you've down on each trip since you lost your ju-ju. be brutally honest with yourself and pick out and figure ways to correct your mistakes .


get good and stoned and relax 


any combo thereof including the midnight dance which I recommend from past experience combining the getting stoned with the midnight dance . if married skip the virgins and dance with your wife . it's much safer for a longer and healthier life . if all works well with this option at least you will be a lot more relaxed . 


what a long strange trip it's been , put a dip in your hip, a glide in your stride and come on to the mother ship , the learning never ends

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So, once upon a time I caught fish. Pretty regularly, and even had a tendency to out fish my friends and family. But for the last ...idk..year.. my fishing had been terrible. Couple small ones he

It's a mental illness.  The fish aren't biting the way you think they should and you are temporarily lacking creativity and independent thought. Pick a cove or small creek arm and don't leave unt

I'm my experience when I get frustrated I suck bad at fishing. We all do our best when we are relaxed and using baits we are familiar with I think. Just keep in mind that even if you get skunked, it's

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7 hours ago, Old plug said:

You will never figure out the mental thing unless exercise deep concentration. That means blocking out everything between you and the end of your line. For me thats easy. You could run a train next to me and I would not hear it. That is also one reason I like to fish alone. It is twice as hard for me than a hearing  person with someone in the boat. Keeps you on edge tapping you shaking the boat amd god only knows what else. But hearing people have the same problem. It is really hard to concentrate woth someone else in the boat.


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18 minutes ago, Old plug said:

That will only mke matters matters worse. 


Not if you know how to fish. 

It takes you out of your comfort zone and takes you away from the same old spots you always fish. It doesn't even have to be a new body of water just an area that you are not used to. When you get into the same old boring routine then you are missing out. 

“Anybody opens their mouth, gonna get a bullet. Anybody moves a little weird, little sudden, gonna get a bullet. Not a warning. Not a question. A bullet.”  - Major Marquis Warren


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New water makes you think again.  Use your knowledge of fish habits, time of year, weather, water temp, clarity, visible cover and vegetation, etc. to identify likely spots.  Then utilize the baits/lures that you brought with the proper technique to fish the spots.  Start shallow early and move deeper as the day goes on unless the water is dirty whereby they may stay shallow all day.  LOZ largemouths around the 50mm are shallow all day right now.  Buzzbaits early, spinnerbaits and jigs is all you need.  Best spots we found were backends with water willow.  

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On 5/23/2017 at 1:33 PM, snagged in outlet 3 said:

Just go fly fishing for trout.  Things are stupid easy to catch.

Been thinking that route.  

TinBoats BassClub.  An aluminum only bass club. If interested in info send me a PM. 

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On 5/21/2017 at 2:55 PM, Chief Grey Bear said:

What are you trying to say!!

That I sometimes bring one pole and as you know my confidence baits only. I probably need to be more diverse. But less is more as far as I'm concerned.


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11 hours ago, KCRIVERRAT said:

That I sometimes bring one pole and as you know my confidence baits only. I probably need to be more diverse. But less is more as far as I'm concerned.


I thought you were saying I was a stud. Dang it. I thought I had achieved OAF envy status! 

Chief Grey Bear

Living is dangerous to your health

Owner Ozark Fishing Expeditions

Co-Owner, Chief Executive Product Development Team Jerm Werm

Executive Pro Staff Team Agnew

Executive Pro Staff Paul Dallas Productions

Executive Pro Staff Team Heddon, River Division

Chief Primary Consultant Missouri Smallmouth Alliance

Executive Vice President Ronnie Moore Outdoors

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