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Eagle Rock 5-19

Carl W

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My buddy and I hit the water right after the storms blew I think around 7:30 am. We waited in the truck for an hour or so. 


Anyway we hit hit a couple of points around the dock area with no luck. We were throwing top water and Keitechs. We moved to a cove and also could get no love. We then moved to a dock that I know holds fish often and my first cast on the Keitech was a small keeper spot. We caught several more and then it seems to have died. So we moved out to the main lake and started hitting points. We struggled again to find fish. 

We moved to a cove and that was really no longer a cove but a pocket of the main lake and started catching fish on the point / main lake side in what I would say is backyards.  Caught them on shakey heads and Keitechs. The key was the wind. 

We moved to another point and fished the deep side as wind was blowing toward it and we caught probably half our fish here all on Keitechs. 

Finished the day with maybe 25 or so fish and 4 keepers with the biggest being 2.5 pounds.  Oh and one monster crappie of 15.5 inches.  It went back in for another lucky angler.  




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Thanks for update. How was water color?  From the pic it looks better than I expected?

Water color at Eagle Rock was better than I thought it would be. I could see 3 to 4 maybe 5 feet. But as I moved towards Big M it got much dirtier but was still probably 2 feet so.  All in all it was very good considering. 

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