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5/22/17 Fishing Report

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Hey Y'all,

new user here. I've been reading your alls fishing reports for a few months so I thought I would add my own. 

I took my dad fishing from 9-5 today. Really hoping to find some walleye but we missed the boat on them. We launched in hartley creek near the state park area. 

Caught probably 40 bass, mostly kentuckies with a handful of smallmouth , 12-14" long. A few keepers. one nice largemouth about 20"

Most bass came on carolina rigged nightcrawler, 1/16 oz jig tipped with half a crawler, or ned rig. fished mostly secondary points and bluffy ridges by the main channel. Most of our bass came in 15-20 ft of water, near the bottom. Also caught a smallmouth on a gray crappie grub. 

Caught two channel cats fishing the same way on a nightcrawler. both came on secondary points. a few crappie mixed in throughout the day fishing in 15-20 ft of water and trolling wally divers along a bluff in 30 ft of water. 

Also caught a ton of drum, maybe 20 throughout the day. My dad couldn't believe how many drum were in the lake. We kept thinking we had hooked a walleye staying down near the bottom to find out it would only be a big ole drum. 

Water was pretty murky back in hartley branch, but it was a a beautiful green on in the main lake. water temp around 66-68 degrees. 

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6 hours ago, lmt out said:

Thanks for the report. Glad you had a great day.  Sorry you didn't get a walleye they r very tough sometimes

Thanks. I tried a bottom bouncer for the first time but I couldn't find the right speed to troll. I don't have gps so I couldn't tell how fast I was moving 

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