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I haven't been down to the lake since november deer season so I went down last

friday to check on things because of the sever cold and I was surprised to find

that my bass boat lift had lowered almost all the way down, luckily my cover was attached

to the lift and kept the boat from banging into the sides of the dock well. I could have a slow

leak or maybe the cold had something to do with but it got me to thinking that

maybe I should get one of those IR cameras and point it at the boat dock so that I can keep

an eye on the lift when I'm not there. Does anyone have any opinions if those type cameras are

any good or not? I read that you can view them through your wifi and I think that it would be helpful

or at least give me piece of mind to be able to check on things. I was also really surprised that there

wasn't any ice anywhere in my cove, I figured there would at least be a few inches around the shoreline

or dock, I don't think that it could have melted that quickly. From some earlier posts I was thinking that my

cove should of had a thick layer of ice. I'm at the 5MM on the northshore.



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They work quite well, and while most people get them for security I'd bet a camera would be perfect for your application.  A buddy recently got one set up on his house after some packages went missing off the porch. It even has a motion sensor on it and if there is any movement on the front porch he gets notified and can view the camera live, pretty cool stuff

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