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Misc Spoon bag, box stuff. First $15

Will S.

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Our house going up for sale soon, cleaning out the stuff. Id like to offer this misc fishing stuff to a fellow OZ member..

I have a NEW Bass Pro canvas Plano 3700 size box carrier, 4-5 or 6 boxes in very good condition. There are also about a dozen jigging spoons, a box of treble hooks, some split rings AND newer split ring pliers, a bunch of bullet/worm weights * maybe 1/8-1/4 ounce, some top water & probably some crank bait stragglers.. I just tossed it all together. I think 20 bucks would be fair. 

Bass Pro Shops Utility Box Carrier Bag Only

SKU: 1109205 ($15.99)

I am in Holiday Island. First 15 gets it. Sorry no holds & 15 is the friendly forum prize. :)  ... ( im near Holiday Island Drive & Stateline). Close to the marina.





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