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Bass Fly Swap 2018


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Ok, I gotta share this, but only enough to whet your appetites...

BilletHead is lighting my phone up this morning. Seems he’s got his swap flies out there today.....stay tuned!


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13 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

Me too!    😥 Nobody ever let's me in on the fun stuff.  😪

I thought I'd try that tactic since it works so well for my wife.   

If I notice that nothing has been set out for dinner I will ask "Got any plans for dinner, or do you wanna go out tonight?".   And she'll say "Noooo, I'll figure out something".

Then a few days later she'll be in a pissy mood and throw in the old "Geeze, we never go DO ANYTHING!".  🙄

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Got mine yesterday and just had time to go over them. Nice job guys! Probably going to save them all for a trip in June. 

Tying three different flies was a pain but it paid off in the end getting multiples of nice flies. Even though I gots hosed on two buggers. :) 



Thanks everyone and especially Whiny John for being Swap Beyotch. 



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5 hours ago, Flysmallie said:

Somebody call off the FBI. The buggers just showed in the mail. 

Thanks John but it really wasn’t necessary. 


Hah! When I was done sorting and sealing the boxes there were Wooly Buggers left over. Didn’t know who got shorted— I knew it wasn’t me though. 


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