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A Deer, An Eagle and Some Fish


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I got out on the river this week. Last time I was out, it rained on me most of the way down the river, caught a few but I cant catch fish in the rain. This time was different. I put in early and took out 11:30, about a 6 hour float. The weather was great and the water was warm, so no more waders. I don't know if you can see it from from the picture but a deer swam across the river in front me. Laid down the the paddle and tried to take a picture. And if that wasn't enough, later, an eagle landed in a tree above me. I did catch a google eye under the eagle and held it up but the eagle didn't swoop down and take it. I caught more smallmouth than anything on shallow cranks. Here's some pictures of a few. They all put up a pretty good fish. Sometimes I wish I could give them something just to thank them for the fun of catching them. When I took out 8 kayaks and a jon boat were putting in. Always good to put in early. Great day on the river...Released the all.....

bass 4.jpg

bass 11.jpg

bass 8.jpg



deer 1.jpg

eagle 1.jpg

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