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Pretty Useless Dam Report


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Unfortunately wasn't able to fish much at all. Main reason for going down was to do dock repairs but had planned fishing early AM and evenings. Had quite a few rotten boards on the walkway and swim deck that needed immediate attention, especially when all the young kids are down.

But also had battery/wiring/troller issues. Getting power to the front switch that powers the graph and troller but for whatever reason it isn't making it to either the troller nor graph. Not sure what the heck is going on. Ran power direct to troller and worked fine. Gonna have to get someone more electrician oriented than me to figure it out. 

Was able to get out on Friday morning for a couple of hours (pre troller problem) and found a decent topwater bite. On the water at 630am, it fizzled out around 10am and that's when we quit to start on the dock repairs. Tried to get back out on Friday night around sundown and after motoring over to the first spot of the evening.....drop troller......dead in the water. No lures got wet, just a few curse words cast. Back to the dock slip we went.

Saturday morning used the big motor to get out on main lake points with sharp drop offs that dump into the channel. Had no troller so just bobbed around and chucked topwater in all directions for a couple hours. Lots of fish chasing. Caught them on spooks, ploppers and wakers. Spook and wakers that made less noise/disturbance seemed to fare a lot better. Fish were anywhere from 20-80 FOW just pushing shad up and down. Also found schools of whites in the same areas down below the surfacing blacks. Dropped a 1/2oz White War Eagle spoon and they were all over it. Was just impossible to stay over them with no troller and only console graph working. Best fish were a 3lb LM and around a 4lb white.

Water temps around 82-83. Clarity around the dam had a green tinge with around 10 feet of visibility.

Ocean liners counted from dock in Beardsley, 17. Idiotic boat maneuver count, 34. Lower units/skiers lower limbs in jeopardy of hitting underwater trees at any moment....too many to count.


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13 hours ago, Bill Babler said:

Sorry for the problems.  If you got a top water bite on any part of the lake at 10;30 in the mornings your my hero.

Ya, bit of a bummer to have essentially been cheated out of fishing two evenings and one morning.  Limited to the big motor the other morning was NOT ideal. But that's boats, that's fishing and that's life.

The earlier the better on the topwater deal, of course.  Was good for us until around 8ish but still picked up some here and there til 10ish. Two mornings was a small sample size but they hit consistently enough til 10 to keep us entertained. Either way 10am is the cutoff regardless if they are blowing up on our offerings as the lake lice are taking the lake over at that point anyways.

Stay safe. Stay cool.

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