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Pond panfish


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We had a nothing fancy fishing trip to a local pond that was stocked with bluegill and bluegill/green sunfish hybrids. There are also channel cats and largemouth bass. Livie hasn't caught a channel cat or one of the hybrids this year. We had a nightcrawler on the bottom and a small worm under a float. It seemed like bluegill were the main event for the evening. I had lost a decent bass and Livie lost two decent bottom fish. If it wasn't for the bluegill we would have had a bad evening.

Livie bluegill - 12Jun18.jpg

Livie did sight fish and land a real nice hybrid! Made her dad proud!

Livie Hybrid sunfish (1) - 12Jun18.jpg

Livie Hybrid sunfish (2) - 12Jun18.jpg

A poor photo but confirmation that dad landed a fish :rolleyes:.

Bluegill - 12Jun18.jpg

We each caught nearly 20 sunfish in about an hour and a half. It was a great evening!


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