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Riding them waves


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Sorry for the late report.  My little girls summer activities are keeping us going on the weekends.

Got started close to noon Friday.  

WT was 82-83, pretty clearer water than I what’ve been fishing 

Tried new water this trip that haven’t fished in over a year.

Got set up and took about 45 minutes until I got bit.  And then another and then another.  So figured that was the pattern for the day.

Kept that boat in 25-30 fow 12-15 feet down.  Rigging silver bullets between .8-1.2 mph

Steady bite all day feeling that thump with them eyeballs!!

God Bless 








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38 minutes ago, Fish Hound said:

lance, that is a nice stringer. Where you were at was the thermocline 18-20 feet then or were they right on top of it?

Yes, that’s what it appeared to me to be at 17-18 give or take.  Better bite was at 15-16 feet down.  

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