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Shelving rock hole access


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Can anyone tell me if it is an easy walk from shelvin rock upstream to the first big corner hole?  I don't know what that hole is called, google maps says turkey hollow. If someone knows it would save me a drive.  Thanks in advance

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People and myself have been parking at the upper bridge for quite some time.  It's not posted, even got checked by a game warden there years ago, with no problems about parking there.  It's an easy walk from there.  The other way would be much further and harder, but not impossible either.  The hole you're talking to has been a popular spoonbill snagging spot for a long time.

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Is there a campground or something on top of that hill by where people snag for spoonbill? The only time I put in at Shelvin Rock was with my kayak and I was by myself. I tried to go up the river and come back but didn't get very far because the current was so bad. Right there before the bridge from the water I could see tents up on top of the hill. I'm pretty sure some of the people walked down somehow to try and snag. Surely you could do that right? 

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