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Norfork Cutties 7/12


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Waded the C&R area at Norfork this morning and the fishing was pretty good. Caught 7 cutthroats (2 were Bonnevilles), 2 browns and a bunch of rainbows. Had a pretty good hatch of caddis around 9ish but it only lasted about 30 minutes. Elk hair caddis worked great during the hatch and then I switched to a green butt soft hackle and caught a few more. The Y2K/ruby midge combo caught the rest. There were lots of rainbows midging in the still water areas but I have yet to figure out how to fool them.    

Here's a few pics... Second to last pic is a Bonneville.








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4 minutes ago, ColdWaterFshr said:

Wonder what happened to all the brookies down there.

I think the bigger browns really like them for dinner.

The only place I consistently catch brookies is the C&R area just below Bull Shoals dam. Usually catch 2 or 3 each time I go there. 


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Great bunch of fish! Love seeing big fat browns and cutthroats! I'm a bit jealous of the Bonneville, since I have not caught one yet. Thanks for posting!

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Just now, Johnsfolly said:

Great bunch of fish! Love seeing big fat browns 

That brown was in 1 foot of water looking for caddis. I saw him eat 2 caddis and I was able to sight cast to him and watch him take the fly. Pretty cool. 


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