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Fishing report week of July 9th-13th


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Spent the week at Lilleys. Fished 3 days this week from a boat. One day was a pontoon mainly relaxing on the water.

Fished Monday in the trophy area after the water kicked on. Used mainly brown or olive jigs with orange head. Picked up several fish each drift from the cable to the end of trophy run. Most of the fish came between the cable and the boat ramp. Did hook a very nice brown that i had on for close to 5 min. Couldn't get him off the bottom at first. Finally moved him and got with in 10 feet of the boat a couple times just enough to see color but i couldnt make out size very well. It finally went under the boat and that was it. Just an FYI there is a log that you cant see when they are running 3 to 4 units above lookout island and below trophy run. We didnt see it until we drifted up on it about mid boat. Water was strong enough to keep us pinned against it. The motor wouldnt back us off of it. Finaly was able to spin the boat around with the trolling motor and slid off of it. Was a scarey few moments. Came out ok with no one in the water and no boat damage. We spent several hours up top in the trophy area and picked up about 30 fish. Went down to the mouth of turkey creek and below the fish house. These are usually our go to spots in high water. Only picked up a couple at the creek and none below the fish house all week.

Wendesday was a pontoon day but picked up a couple fish here and there on sculpin and ginger with brown heads. 

Friday all day on the water. Hit it about 6:00 am. Fished pink power worms for about 3 hours and picked up close to 40. After 9:00 they were done. Fished around a few spots with jigs and didnt pick up anything. Once the water came on we hit the upper end again between the cable and the ramp. At least a fish a drift through there and some times 2 or 3. Not quite as hot as Monday. Fished mainly sculpin ginger with orange head. Orange heads seemed to be the biggest hit this week. Finished the last couple hours of the day (5:30-7:30)  just drifting from Cooper Creek to the first bridge. Picked up about 10, all good sized. 

Not a bad week. I have had a few days better but a whole lot worse. Great way to spend a vacation. 

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Sounds like the bite was good out of the boat as well.  Glad you got into them.  Wish you could of gotten that brown in.  2lb is tough to land those bigguns on.

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