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6 August on the Upper End. Oops, I Did It Again!


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I love going out on the lake at daybreak!


I netted the first keeper walleye at my second stop about 6:45. The location was a timberline on an outside bend channel swing. 28 feet of water.

I lost a keeper on an inside bend flat edge about  8:00.

Then I ran down lake to the Rock Creek area, but I only caught bass and three short walleye.

I made one stop on the way back to the flat edge. No joy.

Back at the flat edge I moved out to the 35 foot range. I quickly caught  an 18.5 inch fish and stayed on the spot long enough to catch a 3.5 and 4 pound fish. I was back in my slip by 11:15.

All fish came on a 1 oz. white War Eagle spoon. I had 10 pound braid on the reel tied to a small swivel. From the swivel I ran 3 to 4 feet of 10 pound Yozuri Hybrid.

Windy with water around 83.






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BTW, today was my last day meat hunting until all walleye is consumed. Even with the wife's love of walleye, I figure that will be around Thanksgiving.

Just as well, tomorrow I go back to work and will be weekends only from now until next May.

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5 minutes ago, Terrierman said:

Does Buck Owens dress you in the morning?

My wife makes my light weight overall shorts. The one I am wearing here is an old model with a long zipper down the front. Now days she makes a more traditional model. She calls them my rompers. Trust me, nothing is more comfortable in the heat. However, with my shape and ugly old legs and feet, I will admit I do not look like Mike Iconelli.


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