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Vaukt Bearing System Slinging Grease

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Since I can’t add grease to the hub without having a new Vault cap, can I temporarily replace the cap with a bearing buddy style and shoot regular grease in to the hub until I get the proper Vault cap and seal to fix it right? I don’t want to run the hub dry and smoke the bearings or damage the spindle.

I’m pretty sure the system is warrantied for 5 years so I am hoping to get the parts for free. The trailer was bought new in June 2014. Labor Day will slow down how fast i can get the parts though.

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You can do anything you want I suppose, but my understanding was that it was a special lube in that system that was biphasic. A gel that got less viscous at higher temps, but maybe I dreamed all that up. 

I do want to hear how all this plays out

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