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Where to find Stripers


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First off love this forum. Always full off good tips for a beaver rookie like myself. But i have not been to the lake in a cpl months and was wondering if there are still stripers in the dam area or if i need to go up lake. I love to troll with downriggers and that is the only part of the lake i have been on. Thanks in advance

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I think there's always stripers some where in the dam area this time of year.  Last time I was out , saw one caught in the cut between Big Hollow and the island, that was about 3 weeks ago. 

Won't be too much longer and they'll be chasing shad on the surface in the mornings and evenings.  

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About the best description I have is there is a peninsula that runs east from between Lost Bridge North and South.   Big Hollow is a cove that is located on the east end of that peninsula on the cut that runs between there and the island - I don't know the name of that island.

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