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Prop shop???


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I have a boat that is heavy in the stern.  It wants to porpoise some and I have been told that a 4 blade prop might help with this situation.  I would like to find an honest prop shop where I could try some 4 blades of different pitch and maybe even different brands.  Got any recommendations?

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I did not know about John's.  I'll have to check them out.  Do you need to plan on leaving a deposit when you pick up props.  I went to a prop shop a while back seeking to try out some props.  The person behind the counter wanted to keep my credit card while I was gone.  I offered cash but not the card.  My card never leaves my sight, it rarely even leaves my hand.


I have not had to deal with props for a long time.  The last 4 boats that I have had were propped good enough when I got them.

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At Dyna prop they basically just sell you a prop and will totally refund you when you bring it back if it doesnt work out.  At Johns he loaded me up with all kinds of props to try. Heck he didnt even ask my name or anything, i still had him take down my info.   John is a talker so give yourself a few extra minutes, he is a real good guy though.  One of the props i demoed from him was a used prop and of course i hit somthing submerged and messed it up. Never ruined a prop until i demoed his.....go figure.   I took the cash to pay for it and he said to just give him $50 because thats what it would cost him to fix it.

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