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Tips for trip to Table Rock

Josh Hoffman

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I am going to be fishing the Indian Point area 9/17-9/20. I've been watching the weekly fishing reports on youtube and it looks like the jig bite is picking up. I also have been watching the weather and it looks like the September warm up that everyone dreads will be hitting. Any tips on catching some bass during that time?


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They're scattered at all depths right now.  You'll get a bunch of different opinions on this board about that too.  I'm one that is convinced that there are ALWAYS some shallow fish.  On Wednesday several of our fish were literally right on the bank, but we also caught some on a jig in 25-30 feet of water.  Don't be afraid to throw a deep crankbait still on the points down there, but if there's wind at all I'm throwing a spinnerbait almost exclusively and paralleling the bank.  I'd roll it through tree tops too.

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