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9/20 report

Dan the fisherman

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Fishing has been pretty good in the mornings. Top water has been the go to early and drop shot for later.   Summer pattern is still holding on, but next week should be a lot better with the cold rain and cooler temps. I’ve been seeing a lot of shad towards backs of creeks but the fish haven’t made it back yet ( well at least where I’m fishing).   Should be any day now where schools of fish will be feeding on those tiny shad.  Well good luck guys and stay safe 

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Looking forward to the cooler weather - spent a couple of hours working on my deck this morning, my clothes were soaking wet with sweat.  

I thought about going tomorrow AM and doing just what you did, top water early then a drop shot, but looks like storms may be moving in late morning.  

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Good to see some fishing reports coming in from good anglers like Dan and Quillback.  It's been a quiet summer on the Beaver Lake forum.  Nice walleye!

The best time of the year for fishing Beaver is coming up soon. Can't wait for the good multi-species top water action!

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