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fished from dark thirty to 1 a.m..  started out catching them on first stop and left them still biting.  started out catching way out on a divider point between two pockets on the big wobbler.  these fish were all in the 25 ft. range.  these bass seemed to quit when it got good dark.  tried something steeper next, and whacked them on a 3/4 GrassJig, and that bite seemed to fade out or we just ran out of the area where they were all concentrated.  went back to flatter stuff back in pockets and the big wobbler was the ticket again.  it was important to fish areas where you saw lots of shad on the electronics.  majority of the bites were in the 25 ft. range but did catch a few up in 15 ft.

ended up with 31 keepers.  only two were in the 3 lb. range and the rest were chunky 2 1/2 lb. type.  there were 3 k's in the mix and 5 lmg's.  these bass are pot gutted and are very active after dark right now.  fall night fishing can be just as good as spring night fishing.  

i believe these same bass will be around these same areas during the day and are most likely some of the same ones that the jig had been working on in the daytime.  gauging from all the shad poop on the carpet, it goes without saying the importance of spending the time to look for areas where plenty of bait is present.  we fished a couple of areas that we did not see hardly any shad around and did not catch anything.  that told us to just keep looking until we found an area with plenty of shad close by.


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