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Talble Rock Lake Current Fishing Report 9-25-18

Bill Babler

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Kimberling City Mo.  Launched at Schooner Creek this morning at 0700 to perfect overcast breezy conditions.  Had Mark Pritt in tow good friend and client.

 Surface temps had dropped to 77 degree with water clarity at 15'

First big run to start the day had fish surfacing completely around us, all Black Bass and loads of them.  We only had 4, two on top and 2 on the chrome little George.  Really did not make one hoot of difference as we were there to jig fish and they were right where Steven and I left them on Friday.

They tried to hurt us this morning as we brought 3 strong limits of SM to the boat.  Only had 2 or 3 short fish and jumped off several.   Several times this morning I thought I was in Alaska fighting Halibut.  I had 3 different fish that just durn near whipped me.  Had the drag cranked down on the Steez with just about no give and they pulled it no problem, 15lb. Invizx.

A few years ago I had a trip where I had a young lady catch 3 jaws over 5 lbs. on a tube in one day.  No 5 pounders this morning, but our best 5 were an easy 17 lbs. of Mean to the Bone Jaw, as far as size this was probably my second best day ever for best 5 smallmouth.  The day on the tube we had 20+ pounds best 5, so it was just a super outing.

Fished 5 locations in the 4 hr. trip with the last spot being a zip.  I tried a shallow ledge rock area that I usually catch them on this time of the year.  Wind was hitting it perfectly, but no love.  All our fish were still in that 28' to 32' depth range and from speaking to the guides this last couple of days, all the crawler fish are coming from the same depth.



All our quality fish came on the 3/4 Pig Sticker Quick 5 in either Greeen Pumpkin Orange or Brown Orange and we used the Nichole's Texas Craw in Copper.  Ran out of Copper and Mark did catch our last fish on Road Kill.

I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am to be able to earn a living on one of the most beautiful lakes in the World.  With the Fall bite slamming into us like a great White Shark, this lake seems to be in splendid condition giving up big brown fish like that. 

Mark has fished St. Clair several times and said today it had nothing on Table Rock for quality Small Jaws.

Good Luck

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sounds as thought the daytime bite is getting as good as it is at night.  awesome trip.  met a guy at the cow creek ramp last night that was loading up as we were putting in, and he said that he had done really well in the last hour on top water.



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Just got off the horn with Chris Tetrick  MidLakes Guide Service.  He guided Baxter today and on an 8hr. trip they caught and released 71 spotted bass.  Said he had 20 keepers but nothing over 2 lbs.  30 ft. suspended today, over 40' to 50' nothing much up the White on the bottom.   All drop shot fish. Chris always does a great job.

 Same depth I'm fishing but I'm on the bottom and  I'm fishing a way different age group.  Point 9 to the dam right now is really holding quality fish as is point 9 up the James River.


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21 hours ago, Bgctrading said:

I always dropshot from point 10 to point 12 out of aunt's Creek. Our house is by Indian Point everyone always discourages me from trying the dam area maybe I shouldn't listen to them and try it.

Absolutely! Once the big boats leave there is some awesome dropshot fish in that area. I believe that it has the best SM fishing as well.

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