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Big M area 9/25


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Well, after reading Bill's report, I should've gone with the plopper instead of walking the dog.  I got a few on the top water, 3 of them were nice keeper sized largemouth, but I bet I had at least 15 missed strikes.  Fish would blow up pretty good, but not touch the lure.  Sounds like they are grabbing the plopper, that's probably the way to go.  

There was top water action early and the fish seem to be scattered from mid channel to right on the bank, if you can get a lure on them when they come up, they'll probably hit it.  Bite really slowed down once it got sunny and the wind picked up.  Went to the shaky head which I had high hopes for, but only got a few on it, and they were 13-14" spots.  

Not a bad morning, but could've boated a bunch if they'd grab the lure.  

WT 78-79

Had a couple of goofy bites today:

First one, I had just shut down the big motor after cruising up to a spot I wanted to fish, heard a fish pop on top and it was right behind the boat about 15 feet almost in the prop wash.  Tossed the top water back at it, and it immediately hit the bait - turned out to be a 13 inch spot, a good candidate for dumbest fish of the day award.

Second one was I as moving down a bank fairly fast on the TM tossing the top water, had several fish come right in to me right off the deep water side of the boat, chasing shad, I didn't want to move much and spook them so I just kind of flipped the topwater out there maybe 10 feet, thought it was futile as I was sure they'd see me and spook, but had about a 2 lb LM slam it  One of his buddies was swimming with him trying to get the lure, so I let him swim around for a bit, but his buddy swam away.  I did boat the 2 lber.


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Fished Eagle rock to point 23 Friday... caught more fish at Eagle Rock than we did down lake.... could have been the time of day... was at Eagle Rock at dusk to after dark.


Caught some on drop shot, and spro rock crawler... and a spook...nothing of any real size .. one was 16 inches...

I don't think it ruined the fishing there.

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It seems to me quillback that by the time we get to the lake we might as well try something different than what the reports we read dictate, these fish change what they want by the minute it seems. Good luck

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