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9-29-18 report dam area


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Having read Babler's report a few days back about a deeper jig bight I decided to get out and try. My kids had school events in the morning so I didn't hit the water till 1pm. Launched near point 2 and fished the dam area until 5pm. The boat traffic was heavier than I expected, lot of cruisers out, and the wind was pretty steady from the southeast. Focused on numerous points 25 to 35 foot depth range. The fishing seemed really slow while out there, but in hind sight we caught 10 total with 2 keepers. It was a mix of K's, SM, and one LM. The keepers were 17 and 18 inch fish which made it not too bad. I suppose my expectations were too high. I fished a jig the entire time but my wife had more success fishing a shaky head worm. Most of our fish were caught near some sort of deep timber or brush. I have no doubt we missed quite a few bites since my trolling motor was out of the water as much as it was in the water as we bobbed up and down in the 2ft wakes that seemed to resemble peak summer. Again, I think my expectations of the lake traffic being slower were a little too high.

I'm gonna work on my expectation management today at church and head back out Monday with my brother.

I'd like to thank my FUTURE sponsers: Falcon Rods, Jewel Bait Co, and Seagar

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Well I went back Monday with my brother from 8am till 2pm. As opposed to Saturday, I barely tossed the jig at all. Fished around dam. Caught 10 total all SM and K's. Today we caught them all fishing Shaky head and Carolina rigs. 5 were keepers, 3 of em very solid. The 5 would of went 12 to 13lbs. We caught the better fish just inside the mouth of the coves in 25 fow, not actually on the points. I felt like we improved on actually patterning the fish compared to Saturday.

Good fishing to all, I doubt I get back out for a week or two when it will likely be a whole new technique. Part of the fun - just figuring it out, but I always appreciate any tidbit I can get off this site. Thanks all.

I'd like to thank my FUTURE sponsers: Falcon Rods, Jewel Bait Co, and Seagar

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