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Good days - Slow days Camping 9-27 to 9-30


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We were camped at Cedar Ridge for a few days arrived the 27th to the 30th.  The bass fishing was good when we had some clouds and slow with the bright sun.  Thursday was slow all day the bites were few and very small.  Friday started the same way we fished all the way to the back of Maze and only had 6 fish with 1 keeper.  We headed in around 11:30 for a bite to eat and the clouds started rolling in and the wind switched to the north.  We headed back out about 2:30 still cloudy and windy.  The bite was on.  I stared by hooking a good one on a plopper.  Fought it for 30 yards and got it up to the boat she was tired and rolled on her side.  Me being not so bright decided to boat flip her and off she went.  She was better that 6.  Oh well at least some thing is biting.  We cought them pretty good all afternoon on blades and the plopper.  The plopper doesn't work well on the real windy areas but the spinnerbait will shine in those areas.  We had at least a dozen keepers big about 3.5 and several in the 13 to 14 range.  Saturday morning back to blue bird skies.  The bite was fair for the first couple hours and then slowed down.  I did go back to the big girls house about 6 pm Saturday evening.  Threw my plopper by the same rock and boom.  I had her again, this time it didn't last long she came up shaking her head and out came my plopper.  0 for 2!   Sunday we woke to clouds and hurry out to the water.  I tried big momma again but nothing.  We got on a good blade bite on wood on the flats.  Fence rows were the best.  If you had a single line of trees running across the cove and there were shad present you could catch them.  They were hanging around the trees ambushing shad.  The best water depts. were from 4 to 10 feet.  I did catch a couple keepers in les than 2 feet of water on the plopper.  Best bait was the blades slow rolled around trees in 5-10 feet.  We fished till 11:30 on Sunday had 18 keepers with momma catching the big of 5.6.  Here are some pics of the weekend. 

9.27.18 Stockton.jpg

9.27.2018 Stockton.jpg

9.28.18 Stockton.jpg

9.30.18 Stockton.jpg

9.30.2018 Stockton.jpg

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