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9-28 and 9-29 Reports


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Friday 9-28
Dad, his buddy, my brother and I fished from Fall Creek down to just above Lilley's Friday evening and boated quite a few fish. Dad and his buddy used rainbow and yellow powerbait on bottom and my brother and I threw jigs and the pink power worm. Everything worked as long as you were in the middle of the river. I can usually pull fish off of the shallow flats near the bank, but it was dead. Started throwing out towards the middle and it was game on. My brother threw an orange head sculpin/peach jig and I threw a green head sculpin/ginger and both worked well. I've already posted it in a separate thread, but I was lucky enough to hook a 19.75" rainbow that weighed right at 3# off the shallow gravel just below Short Creek on the 1/16oz sculpin/ginger jig. We kept four limits of decent sized fish, but we had to really work to get the nicer fish. There are a lot of little runts between Fall and Short Creek. Most of the better fish that we kept came down closer to Lilleys. The big one was released alive and well for the next angler to enjoy.


Saturday 9-30
My brother and I got up early and ventured up to the Narrows about an hour before daylight to throw some Duane Doty jerkbaits. We never had any action until the sun started to come up and then we started to pick up a few. I focused on throwing to the bluff bank and my brother was fishing out in the middle and he was doing much better than me on rainbows. Nothing big, just stockers up to 14". We each managed one little brown around 12". It was pretty well like that all the way up to Lookout. Every once in a while I would pick up a jig and make a few casts and catch some rainbows, but then would go back to the jerkbait in hopes of enticing a big brown, but it never happened. They were being stingy. The number of fish rising up by Lookout that morning was incredible. Even more incredible was the fact that I couldn't hardly get them to bite! I did manage to catch a few on an orange head/olive micro jig. The bite by Lookout was better throwing towards the bluff bank and keeping the jig down deep near the bottom instead of up high. Once you got down away from Lookout, it was the complete opposite.

We went back out that evening around 6:00 and fished till dark just above Lilleys. The fishing wasn't as good as the day before, but we still caught probably 25 fish between the four of us. Mom and dad fished powerbait and night crawlers in the back of the boat out deeper and my brother and I threw jigs and the pink worm towards the shallow flat on the same side as Lilley's dock. Unlike the evening before, the flat seemed to bet the better producer instead of the deeper water toward the middle. There were a lot of small fish up on the shallower flat too though and we had to weed through quite a few of them. We ended up keeping 12 more trout with all but a couple being in that 13-15" range before we ran out of light.

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Thats a pretty Bow buddy.  Stinks the big brownies didn't cooperate.  I appreciate ya leaving them in there for me this weekend though LOL :)

Sounds like a great trip regardless, and time spent on the water with family is always special.

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It's always a good time down there. I'm glad I at least caught a brown this trip (two to be exact, but both were tiny). I need to save my big brown mojo for the winter tournaments anyways. :D

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