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Indian Creek 10/2


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Launched at about 0700, which nowadays is right about dawn.  Went back into Indian creek, expecting to find top water activity.  Unfortunately there was very little going on top which surprised me a bit.  Had one bite on a walk the dog bait and that was it.  

Went to throwing jigs and shaky heads in the trees, shallow and deep.  Not much going on there either.  Had one brief hook up on the shaky head, but couldn't keep him pinned.

Got desperate and started throwing a little Lucky Craft mini crankbait.  2nd cast with it hooked a pretty decent largemouth, got it to about 2 feet of the boat and it threw the bait.  2 casts later I boated a 12" smallmouth, and after releasing it, made another cast had had another bite.  I thought I was onto something, but spent another two hours working banks with the crank, and only managed to boat 2 largemouth, didn't measure them but they were right around the keeper mark.  

Put the boat on the trailer about noon - weather was nice, good day to fish but it was a slow one as far as fish catching.

WT - 76.

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My wife and I went out Monday morning though not quite as early.  We say a fair amount of top water activity but it only lasts for 2 to 3 seconds at best.  I got one fish to follow my top water bait and nudge it near the boat and one took it soon after I cast it but two jumps later he through the lure.  All other attempts to land bass we're slow to say the least.  They just don't seem all that interested in anything - live bait, jigs, spinner baits, etc.  Hopefully conditions will improve as the water cools - whenever that happens.  Thanks for the report.

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