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Any Stripers in Table Rock Lake?

Lucky Johnson

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Very few, if any. The only source would be if they came through the Beaver dam and survived. However, Jeff Fletcher caught an Arkansas record striper, 64.5, in the river below Beaver dam in 2002.

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Most any given time there are "some". While intentionally catching a striper from TR would probably be more rewarding than finding the needle in a haystack, it might take (a lot) longer...

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there are a few they get washed in, saw a few guys down-rigging on TR and they had a couple of 20#ers he told me that he also caught some monster trout that way too...like any good angler with a secret they don't share much...he wouldn't have fessed up if we hadn't see him land one...the guy I fished with had a small rigger we used in Canada and the guy noticed the mount

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