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9/29 Walleye


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After bowhunting I picked up my father-in-law to try our luck at some walleye. At first we had a west wind so I picked out one of my spots on the east side of the lake that just slightly cuts into the main land to give the wind something to push into. I've found that those slight cutouts from the main lake tend to be where they like to stack up, rather than deep coves. We caught 10-15 almost all 14"-14.5" with one good 21" all in the 15' FOW trolling BB and crawlers. The wind died and our spot petered out. Then a good south wind picked up and we headed to one of my honey holes that I always catch them with a south wind. For some reason the fish were deeper there and I marked a ton of them but they just did not want to bite so I called it a day. 


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4 minutes ago, Krazo said:

how was the bowhunting?  

The 22nd I harvested a nice doe and saw 8 deer that night. Nothing big but eventful nevertheless. Also was able to bring home 3 walleye. So we've been eating all organic the past couple of weeks. 

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