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Deep Jig Bite Back on last Several Days

Bill Babler

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Fished the dam area the past several days and the deep jig bite was back on.  McClelland is simply destroying them on a 1 oz. hard head with a huge Big Bite Craw on it.  Chris Tetrick, Buster and I have also had great days.

I tried a smaller jig yesterday and a GP 3.8 inch Keitech on a 3/8th. oz.head swam slowly on the bottom, and it worked to some extent, but when I put the big Nichole's on the 3/4 Pig Sticker Quick 5 and went back to that it was night and day. If your  either dragging a jig or reeling that hard head and you miss a bite, stop the bait and shake the Heck out of it and they will get on it again about 1/2 the time.  Don't just reel it in.  If you have one interested in it he wants it and will try and stay with it if you let him and have not stuck him.

Mike had 17 keepers on his 1 oz. Hard head yesterday, Buster had 18 keepers, My clients had 12 keepers and Chris had 8 last I talked to him.  I mean nice 2.5 to 4 pound fish.  We only had a couple of shorts and from what the boys are telling me they had very few short fish, most quality SM or LM

That's 50+ keepers from the Long Creek Bridge to Indian Point.  That is pretty solid fishing for a Saturday in the Dam area, and there was a boat just about everywhere you looked.

Depth the last few days with surface temps approaching 80 degree again is 30' to 40' with 35 being a great number on the gravel roll offs. Did not have a single bite under 25'.

Mike has also been catching some early at first light on a Rock Crawler.  He said, quality no measure keeps but as soon as the sun hits its over, all small mouth. Short gravel pockets near deep water, and you have to hit several as you are going to get one bite per location.

Good Luck


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